2016-09-01Nigerian President Buhari Attends the Flag-off Ceremony of Nigerian Railway Moderniza

              The Flag-off Ceremony of Nigerian Railway Modernization Project (Abuja-Kaduna) was held in the new-built IDU railway station of Nigerian capital Abuja on the morning of July 26th. Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari attended and gave speech. CCECC President Yuan Li and other guests from all walks of life attended.
            The railway modernization project in Nigeria spanned 1,315 km from Lagos in the south, through the capital Abuja, and to Kano in the north. It was the largest single overseas construction project China had ever contracted at the time, formally signed in October 30th, 2006, with the total contract value of US$8.3 billion. The construction of the railway accumulated lots of valuable experience for CCECC, and established a good foundation for the construction of the Coastline Railway Project and Lagos-Ibadan Railway Project.

    2016-09-01CCECC Signs Ethiopia-Djibouti Railway Operation and Management Project

        The seminar on China-Africa Business Cooperation and Signing Ceremony was held in Beijing of China in the afternoon of July 28. General Manager of CCECC Cao Baogang was invited to attend and witness the Ethiopia-Djibouti Railway Operation and Management Project signing.
        Li Wuliang, representing the consortium of China Civil Engineering Construction Corporation (CCECC) and China Railway Group (CRG), signed the contract with Ethiopian Railways Corporation CEO Getachew Betru and Djibouti’s Finance Minister Ilyas Dawaleh. The signing made Ethiopia-Djibouti railway officially completed the layout of the whole productive chain in oversea market. The railway become the first transnational electrified railway project, fully utilizing Chinese standards on railway design, investment and financing, materials and equipment, construction, supervision and operation management.

    2016-04-07CCECC East Africa Ltd. Awarded 2015 Public Diplomacy Advanced

      On March 27th, 2016, CCECC East Africa Ltd. was awarded 2015 Public Diplomacy Advanced Collectives by the Chinese Embassy in Tanzania at the awards ceremony. East Africa Company was honored with the title for the second consecutive year, but also one of the only two project contracting enterprises won the awards this year.
      CCECC East Africa Ltd. had developed public diplomacy of social influence in 2015, such as the company contributed to build the local elementary school, donated money to the regional hospital and held awards ceremony for the local staff. That achieved high praise from the local society and the media.
      Chinese Ambassador to Tanzania Lv Youqing (right) awarded prize to the general manager of CCECC East Africa Ltd. Jiang Yigao (left).

    2015-12-22CCECC Transporting Drought Relief Supplies for Ethiopia

             On December 8, 2015, a train load of emergency food supplies departed from Djibouti to Ethiopia. Since the first train load of 1,125 tons of international food assistance arriving in Ethiopia on November 20, 2015, the Ethiopia-Djibouti railway, built by CCECC, had helped transport food supplies five times, with a total of 7,125 tons.
         Yuan Li, the chairman of CCECC, said the track-laying of the Ethiopia-Djibouti railway, as the second transnational railway after the Tanzania-Zambia railway project, was completed in July 2015 after over three years of construction by CCECC. The railway, with large scale transportation of drought relief supplies, played an important role in the new period, but also showed the responsible attitude of Chinese enterprises to take root in Africa, serve Africa and contribute to Africa. It deepened the friendship between the Chinese and African people. 

      Translator;Ren Jia

      group photo

      supplies ready to sent 

    2015-11-20CCECC Macau Ltd. was awarded "2015 China Luban Prize"

      On November 17, 2015, Macau Frontier Inspection Station Construction Project (completed in 2004) and its Expansion Project (Completed in 2010) executed by CCECC Macau Ltd. won the 2015 China Construction Engineering (Overseas Project) Luban Prize. For more details please see http://www.zgjzy.org/.

      Luban Prize, initiated in 1987, is the top prize for quality in China’s construction projects, representing the advanced level of quality for the domestic construction works

       Macau Frontier Inspection Station Construction Project
      translator: Ren Jia

    2015-04-28CCECC Signs Framework Agreement of Egyptian National Railway Track Renewal Project

      On April 12th, vice president Zhou Tianxiang signed Egyptian national railway track renewal project with Egyptian National Railways. The contract value is about 600 million USD. This project includes renewal and rehabilitation of tracks and turnouts on the subgrade surface, ballast supplement, renewal of station lines and sidings of five existing railway lines.

    2015-04-27Groundbreaking Ceremony Launches in Vanuatu

      On April 2nd, the road rehabilitation and construction project in Vanuatu launched its groundbreaking ceremony. The Prime Minister, Minister of Finance, Minister of Infrastructure and Public Works and Utilities, and Minister of Education attended the ceremony. Vice president Zhao Zhongning made a speech committing to deliver a quality project and contribute to local economic development.