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CCECC Nigeria Ltd.

E-mail: ccecc-nigeria@ccecc.com.cn


CCECC Chad Ltd.

E-mail: ccecc-tchad@ccecc.com.cn


CCECC East Africa Ltd.

E-mail: ccecc-ea@ccecc.com.cn


CCECC (Botswana) (Pty) Ltd.

E-mail: ccecc-botswana@ccecc.com.cn


CCECC Zambia Ltd.

E-mail: ccecc-zambia@ccecc.com.cn


CCECC Ethiopia Company

E-mail: ccecc-ethiopia@ccecc.com.cn


CCECC Algeria Ltd.

E-mail: ccecc-algeria@ccecc.com.cn


CCECC Representative Office in U.A.E.

E-mail: ccecc-uae@ccecc.com.cn,cceccuae@hotmail.com


CCECC Office in Russia

E-Mail: ccecc-russia@ccecc.com.cn


CCECC K.S.A. Branch Company

E-mail: ccecc-sa@ccecc.com.cn


China Civil Engineering Construction Co.(H.K.) Ltd.

E-mail: ccecc-hongkong@ccecc.com.cn


China Civil Engineering Construction Company(Macau) Ltd.

E-mail: ccecc-macao@ccecc.com.cn


Chon Tit (Macau) Investment and Development Co. Ltd.

E-mail: crcc-macau@ccecc.com.cn


China Civil Comercio International Ltd.

E-mail: ccecc-brasil@ccecc.com.cn


CCECC Representative Office in Japan

E-mail: ccecc-japan@ccecc.com.cn


CCECC Representative Office in Poland

E-mail: ccecc-poland@ccecc.com.cn


Ankara Branch Co. in Turkey

E-mail: ccecc-turkey@ccecc.com.cn


CCECC Railway Project Liaison Office in Europe

E-mail: ccecc-europe@ccecc.com.cn


China Railway Expert Team for TAZARA

E-mail: ccecc-cret@ccecc.com.cn


Management Office of Algerian Highway Project

E-mail: highway-beijing@ccecc.com.cn

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